Sunday, August 9, 2009

campfire smoke & science

We are so glad to have Dennis back in town! We picked him up at the airport Wednesday, and as much as we would like to have gone away together as a family, seems like everyone has one or two little but important things each day, so it may have to be a "staycation" instead.

Kate and Braden got their school schedules yesterday, so the beginning of school looms ever larger in our family consciousness.

The Wellings let us crash their camping trip for a few hours Friday night--

we left before the rain hit (bunch o' softies), but not before enjoying peach cobbler, roasted Starbursts, s'mores, and an impromptu performance of "the two lines we remember from Romeo and Juliet" from Kate, Braden and Jocelyn at the Guinevah Amphitheatre.

We totally geeked out Saturday at the Space Dynamics Laboratory's 50th anniversary. Kate climbed the rock wall, we ate ice cream made instantly with liquid nitrogen, and I got a keyring with a thermometer and a compass! I didn't think we were going to get DeLane away from the infrared exhibit...he was more interested in that than in food. No kidding.

Now we need to get out and do some serious hiking before school starts.

Zions National Park

MarKaye and DeLane went to Cedar City with the Lyric apprentices in July, and no way were we going to miss out on ALL the fun. So we took Kate and Braden to Zion's National Park. Kate and Dennis hiked Angel's Landing...

Then we cooled off in the Narrows...

We can't wait to go back!

Hassans, Allens and Howes

We've had so much fun with our cousins this summer. First we hung out with the Howes and the Allens...
Then we had the best picnic with the Salt Lake Hassans...

Then we played with the Grahams...

But we still need to hang with the Conders and the Lowders!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hiking Birdeneau

We finally got up in the mountains to do some hiking! Birdeneau is mostly shady. So much nicer than the sun scorched wind caves trail on the other side. When we got to the top we started heading toward the wind caves, but we new every step down the steep hillside in full sun would have to be taken again on the way back and we quickly (not quickly enough) turned around and headed back.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

braden: update on the 25 of april-1 of may

We had soccer games but they were all cancled so there seemed to be no sports at all that week, this was last week.
we saw "x-men" it was awesome it's all about wolverine it's x-men orgins wolverine I recamend it it a good movie.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Broadway Showcase

I'm doing a show right now! It's a Variety Show so it doesn't have a solid plotline it's just a bunch of songs and stuff. I'm in Go Go Joeseph, Take Back your mink, Loathing, 10 Minutes Ago, and I have a little solo in Good Morning Baltimore. There's a lot of really fun dancing and singing, you know, all the normal stuff. It's $12.00 in case any of you can come, ( March 19-21) and we'd probably go out for ice cream afterwards or something crazy like that.


The Great Big Block of Ice

We had a bit of excitement Wednesday when the glacier on our roof came crashing down. We have a new respect for avalanches because it came down so fast. It took a chunk out of our roof and ruined our chimney, but we're just glad everybody's o.k. Ah, the joys of winter!